Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A recent study shows that individuals who had the right attitude about food in it's relation to nutrition as opposed to just "dieting" and weight loss fair better overall. Check out the video to learn more about the study and how like they say..attitude is everything.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As a means to rehabilitate following an accident 25 years ago, a Hungarian born ballet dancer created Gyrokinesis. Gyrokinesis offers a total conditioning of the body which embraces according to many the principles of yoga, swimming, dance, tai chi and gymnastics. Regular practice will lead to increased mobility and assist the body's natural regenerative ability.
The body is a repository for the physical & emotional trauma's of life, recording internally the information. Gyrokinesis will enable the body to reorganize to heal itself even after experiencing pain and/or injury. Gyrokinesis can be adapted for anyone from the super athlete to the physically challenged/disabled individual.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Happy, lonely, angry, sad...many people are driven to eat based on their emotions. This is a pattern that develops early in life...when a baby is automatically assumed that he/she needs food, when they cry the pacifier becomes comfort, when a toddler gets out of control in public...the first response is to grab something to eat to quiet them down...when it's time for a generally is in the form of something sweet. As we grow to adulthood for many, food becomes the comfort when nothing else seems to satisfy thrusting us into a cycle of emotional eating that often can be hard to break. It becomes a process of learning to develop a health relationship with food and using food for the purpose it is supposed to serve...NOURISHMENT. Your goal is to learn non-food methods to deal with the emotions that are the triggers for the unhealthier behaviors.
It is important to recognize the true signal of hunger and only eat at that time. When you are driven you to eat emotionally try using some of these tools to gain control

Journal or use other forms to express your feelings such as poetry or art
take up a hobby that will keep your hands and mind occupied during periods of boredom
Have a network of friends that you can call when you feel lonely
Volunteer some of your is amazing how helping others takes the focus off you
Go out for brisk walks to help clear your head
Take long relaxing baths (use essential oils to enhance your experience)
Be sure to get adequate rest
Reward yourself with things such as a day at the spa (we have one here in our area, Spa World, that is inexpensive) or try a home spa treatment
This will be a learning process so remember not to beat up on yourself because that can actually keep the cycle going. Take things a day at a time and soon there will be a healthier relationship between you and food.
Let me hear back on some of the ways your are changing the old relationships you had with food.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


At one point of the other in time I am sure you have envisioned the coming of the magic pill or something that could make weight gain a thing of the pass but sorry to takes lifestyle changes for weight stability. Healthier food choices are one key to attaining and maintaining a healthy weight but there are also some simple and easy ways to shave calories from our everyday lives. These changes will make at least a 100 calorie difference...and we know it is calorie in/calories out that are really what matters.

Cooking vegetables in a low salt chicken broth instead of using meat to season
Cooking spray vs. cooking oils and/or butter
Drinking water instead of sodas and other higher calorie sugary beverages
Avoiding fancy coffee beverages..they are packed full of calories and sugar
Learn to use recipes that make substitutions...such as applesauce for oil
Portion control..portion control (a mini bagel vs. the regular sized one)
Skip the basket of rolls/breads when eat out (oh no...not the cheese rolls from Red Lobster..I have to admit in the pass I have been guilty of eating at least three before the meal arrived
Be mindful of the condiments...they do have calories...try switching to low fat whipped cream cheese for example
Don't turn something that can be healthier into a calorie filled nightmare..for example adding high calorie ingredients to a salad and loading it up with dressing
Use the power of healthier substitutions...yogurt vs. ice cream...multi-grain crackers vs. saltines, reducing down from whole milk to at least 1% (skim if you can)
Watch the alcohol evening out alcohol beverages included can greatly increase your total calorie intake
Making these a habitual practice along your pathway can be the difference between constant annual weight gain or reaching your goal to attain and maintain a healthy weight.
Join me bi-monthly on the "Let's Talk Health" teleconference where we discuss such tips and tools and share our challenges and success stories.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

YOGA- A PATHWAY TO ENLIGHTENMENT ancient spiritual practice viewed as a pathway to enlightenment. By definition yoga is the union or coming together of the mind, body and soul. It is the formation of a relationship with ones self and how one can live in harmony with the world. Through the practice of yoga one will gain strength in body, calmness of mind and renewal of the spirit.
There are four main yoga, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and Raja Yoga. In the United States yoga is associated with the asanas (postures) of Hatha Yoga which many view as a fitness exercise. Yoga practice, in addition to asanas that are designed to help the body be fit, will include the spiritual philosophy, controlled breathing and quieting of the mind. One is able through their practice of yoga to reduce stress and tension in their everyday lives or help heal a structure and/or function of the body (the reason why I have begun the practice).
Daily practice of yoga will lead you to have an awareness of your body posture, alignment and movement. Yoga is another pathway to explore as you pave your way to living a healthier lifestyle.
If you live in the Washington, DC. area, join me at a free class held on Saturday mornings at 9am at the Penn. Avenue Baptist Church on Penn. Ave & 30th Street S.E. (all is required is you bring your own mat). Contact me if you have any questions or would like to be included on the instructors, Juneous Pettijohn email list (in the subject line just put YOGA).

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Over years the American culture has changed the way it views the body of a woman. Somehow our perception of what is beautiful has been distorted, showing preferences to “slim is in” (as seen splashed on the covers and down the catwalks), and women often view their own body image as flawed and/or imperfect. I know you've heard it...girl..I've got too much of this (pow pow) and not enough of that (hoot hoot).
I found one modality that hasn't adopted this view. In the ancient art of Belly Dance a woman is seen as beautiful no matter what her shape or size. Belly dancing is growing as not only as a fun way for women to come together and socialize but it is great fitness and a pathway to learn how to embrace and be comfortable with the body you live in. As you seek out harmony of your mind, body and spirit, through the belly, you can unleash the stress and tension of your everyday life.
The belly is considered the center of life, it is from there you draw in and push out your every breath. According to Sarasoh, author of “The Woman's Belly Book" ...the belly is “the source of your passion and creativity, your courage and confidence, your capacity to love fully. It's the starting point of your intuition, insight and sense of purpose”
As you shimming and shake those moves you can just feel that unique expression self and acceptance overcome you. The wonderful thing about belly dancing ,it can be done by anyone, of any size and any let that belly roll and set yourself free.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Stress and tension held in your body for a prolonged period of time can have an adverse affect on your overall physical as well as mental state of wellness. One way to easily bring a sense of peace and calm to your mind and body (lowering your blood pressure and heart rate as well as improve your digestion to name a couple)is to learn and practice controlled breathing techniques.
There are several breathing exercises you can do but belly breathing is a good one to start with. I was first introduced to belly breathing when I began Tai Chi and yoga classes recently.
To begin, you want to be sure you are seated in a comfortable position. Place one hand on your belly, just below your rib cage and the other one on your chest. Taking a deep breathe through your nose your belly should push out. If done correctly your chest will not move. You want to now breathe through your lips as if you were whistling. You will feel the hand on your belly go in and then use it to push all the air out. Try this 3-10 times...don't rush the process...take your time with every breath.
Once you have become comfortable doing belly breathing you might try a more advanced exercise such as the 4-7-8 breathing exercise. This exercise uses the belly breathing to help you really relax. 4-7-8 breathing can be done either lying or in a seated position. Begin as you did with the belly breathing with the one hand on the belly and the other on the chest. Take in a deep breath from the belly and breathe in at the silent count of four..hold this for the silent count of 7. Next breathe out to the silent count of eight trying to push out all the air from the lungs during the process. As you repeat this step you should feel a calmness come over you.
Another good breathing exercise to incorporate into your daily routine is morning breathing. Morning breathing helps to relieve the stiffness of your muscles and joints that settles in overnight or can help unclog stuffy nasal passages. Slowly bend forward from the waist with your knees slightly bent, allowing your arms to just hang down towards the floor. Inhale deeply as you slowly roll back to a standing position, with the head lifting last. Hold the breath while in the standing position for a few seconds. Exhale as you slowly return to the starting bending at the waist position. This breathing exercise can also be used throughout the day to relieve low back tension that can build during the day.
Remember your goal is to achieve the correct ratio of CO2/O2 in the body to maintain a state of balance of mind and body with every breath you take.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


If you know know I hate the word “diet” when it is used in reference to a weight loss strategy.
There are all sorts of “diets”...low sodium...low fat...low carbohydrate...high protein...high that is why I shun the word diet...when I think of the desire to weight loss...I prefer to see the process as weight management.
There are several things that work against reaching your goal and will sabotage your are six to consider to see if this could be one of the factors that have you stuck.
Are you a calorie you find you skip meals in an effort to cut calories and have that one meal a day? I know several associates of mine that live by this practice...this only serves to be a catalyst to overeating and will slow the metabolism down. You do yourself much more justice if you spread out the total calories in the course of the entire day.
Are you a sporadic eater...if you are a nibbler you will need to be sure the choices you select are healthier choices and not high carbohydrate/high calorie ones. It is best to stick as much as possible to scheduled times to eat and snack. Try to keep a diary of when and what you eat to help you monitor your input.
Do you find yourself when the choice of food is a healthier choice acting like the sky is the limit on the amount you can eat. Things such as nuts, although a very nutritious choice, can be packed with calories. Calories matter even when the choice is be mindful of the calories of everything...this includes beverages.
Starvation is not a solution f rapid weight loss...this leads to the lost of muscle which is your body's calorie burning furnace. This tactic will slow your metabolism long pass your period of starvation. It is always better to lose weight gradually...somewhat in the manner the extra pounds crept up on you:-)
Are your goals short term or have you reached the point where you have incorporated a weight management plan into your lifetime healthy lifestyle plan. Failing to plan long term often results in the yo-yo effect...lose ten pounds...gain fifteen pounds back. Eating healthier should be viewed as a never ending goal.
Don't be mislead by labeling statements, low fat, fat free, low sugar, sugar free, etc...none of those words have anything to do with the caloric intake...when it comes to weight management...calories count.
The focus of effective weight management has to be one where it is not a fad but a lifestyle that becomes a habit that can last for a lifetime.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Have you ever had a day when your feet felt like they were on fire and from there your whole day went downhill? I remember such a day like it was yesterday. I was on my way to Florida and there was a stop over in one of those airports that getting around involved walking a long country mile. I left home that day with a pair of 3 inch heels...outfit matching...I was doing the pretty thing. That was the trip I learned the difference between being practical and comfortable or being cute and in PAIN. Needless to say...somewhere before I boarded the plane on the second leg of my trip, those shoes found there way into a trash can and I was walking in my bare feet. We all know that when your feet hurt your whole body hurts.
The correct shoes should match the occasion...this includes exercise. You wouldn't wear a pair of hiking boots to run a marathon...nor would you consider a pair of running shoes if you were engaged in rock climbing.
If you are going to be running/jogging you want a shoe that has lots of cushion, traction and stability and is flexible and lightweight. When you will be mostly walking, you want a shoes that absorbs shocks and has a sole designed to support the natural walking movement. When playing tennis or another court sports, the shoe should be sturdy with a stable sole that supports the back and forth motion. Field sports such as golf, soccer, or football require a shoe with cleats or spikes for traction.
Proper fitting is also important in choosing a pair of shoes. It is best shoe shop later in the day to get a better fit. Be sure to wear athletic socks, similar to the ones you will be wearing for the activity. You want to have wiggle room of about ½ inch between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Your heel should not slip.
It is best when purchasing sport shoes you do so at a store that has trained salespersons to fit and assist.
Check out Happy Feet – Expert Foot Care Advice for People Who Love Their Feet
We want to be sure we keep happy feet.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Part of a great exercise program is having the right clothing. When considering what type of clothing to wear, the best fabric is one that is wicking, clothing that will pull the sweat away from your skin. There are several to choose on the market but COOLMAX and SUPPLEX containing fabrics allow the sweat to be evaporated from the skin so you are not left feeling wet and uncomfortable during your workout. Some people prefer to workout in clothing made from cotton but it will absorb the sweat and give you that feeling of heaviness during a workout. The worst choose of fabric is one that doesn't breathe because these will not allow the sweat to evaporate and tend to keep the body temperature elevated during your workout.
Aside from what the clothing is made from fit is also another important factor. You want your clothing to be loose and comfortable. Use caution however if you are running or biking not to have the legs of the pants too wide as they can get caught in the bike pedals or your feet.
If your activities are outside during the cold weather months you will want to layer so that you can be warm enough but able to remove a layer if you begin to get overheated. Be sure you heed moms advice...heed your head covered as well as your ears and hands.
For those die hard that exercise no matter what, on the wet and windy days wear an outer layer that can serve as protection from the elements.
Comfort is an important factor to keep you focused and committed to your exercise routine.

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Friday, September 4, 2009


Having sustained a fall in 2008 that aggravated an already unstable back, I began to look for alternatives other than what the doctors were telling me that I needed a 3 level back fusion. It was recommended that I give water aerobics a try, so I enrolled in a class at the therapeutic recreational center in June. For eight weeks, three times a week, I participated in a level two class. Never would I have thought that this activity would make a difference but now that we are on a three week break I know it really did.
Generally the classes run anywhere from 40 to 50 minutes. Water aerobics augments cardiovascular conditioning. The water resistance increases ones strength and flexibility, leading to muscular endurance and improved balance. The buoyancy of the water makes it less likely to sustain injury or put a strain on the joints, back or torso. 80% of the body's weight is supported by the water. Water aerobics also burns calories even more effectively than land exercises.
So even though the warm days of summer have almost come to an end and the chill of fall will soon be in the air...I look forward to jumping back in to the warm water of the pool. Maybe Santa will bring me an automatic car starter so I can jump into a warm car after class:-)
Let me hear if you have ever taken water aerobics and the benefits you found from it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


As a child it was easy and fun...the hula hoop. So have you wondered just where did the hula hoop start. You probably would not believe...the hula hoop was not the invention of the toy company Wham-O. They were the first successful manufacturer and trademarked the name. Years before Wham-O the Greeks had the right idea they used the hula hoop as a means of exercise. The hula hoop is now re-emerging back into popularity as a way to whirl off pounds and inches and tone the abs.
The new version of the hula hoop are weighted to increase the toning power and make it a bit easier to use for those of us it has been a few years since we've had the hoop around the waist.
From what I am told with the newer version you rock your hips from side to side or front to back. If my memory doesn't fail me...this is a little different from days of old...I remember the round and round circling motions.
It's wonderful that we can take a toy from back in the day and use it as a tool for our fitness goal. I wonder if it is like riding a know the old saying...once you have done it you never forget.
Let me hear if you get one and how it goes...I can't wait...just placed my order.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


With having a few more weeks of the warm summer days I still look forward to enjoying a mouth watering tasting slice of watermelon. For awhile, I had been happy about those seedless ones that I find in the local supermarkets but I had the opportunity to get one straight from the patch of North Carolina and you talk about lip smacking good...I am still looking for a truck that says "from North Carolina".
Besides tasting good watermelon is good bone nutrient because it is rich in lycopene which is a carotenoid believed to play a part in halting bone loss as you age.
Watermelon also contains the amino acid arginine which is believe to also promote weight loss. One thing we know for sure...eating watermelon will help make you feel plenty full...just be sure you don't eat it too late in the evening so it doesn't interrupt your rest.
Let me know which is your favorite...seeded or seedless and if you have had one of those lip smacking good North Carolina watermelons...and no...I am not from North Caroline...I am a city girl...DC.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joy...Where does yours come from

Since I have been advocating that people begin to live a healthier thing that resonates in my head is how many people confuse joy and happiness. Even when you look up either word you will find the within the definition of one the other word. I could bet that if you took a poll and asked the question"What brings you Joy" you would get "if only I were taller", "if only I were thinner" or "when I find another job", "when I move away to ________" many ifs and whens to happiness.
I have come to realize that happiness and joy come from two different places. Happiness is dictated by ones circumstances but joy...that is totally from within you. There is no thing or person that can alter your joy.
Everyday you are blessed with claim it...I will have a joyful day. One of the quickest way to experience joy is to take the focus off you and place it on something/someone else. If you seek ways to be thankful and grateful for whatever the day will learn to appreciate the very small things. You hear the chirping of birds outside your window...don't be annoyed by the circumstance of being awaken earlier than you had planned...find joy in having the ability to hear them.
You may spend your life searching for things that brings happiness to your life but joy is something you can choose every day.
Wishing you a day of joy because you get no chance for a redo.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009


If you want to begin your day on the right track...try to take time out to do some stretches. For those who have problems with their joints...this is the best way to loosen that stiffness that settles in overnight while you are sleeping. Stretching should be done before any helps prevent injuries by warming the tendons and muscles. Stretches when do routinely and properly (slow, gentle and with ease...never push yourself beyond the pain threshold) will help keep your joints flexible. Stretching may feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning but when you continue to do them routinely you will begin to feel more flexible and relaxed.

After you have done a stretching routine for about a week...let me hear from you.
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Monday, August 3, 2009


The following are great tips as you continue with your exercise goals
1. Watch your form. Exercising using good form, even if this means you will need to slow down your pace, you
stand to burn 50 additional calories during your workout.
2. Exercising when you are not well hydrated will cause you to become fatigue faster, thus making it harder
to complete your session. It is recommended that you consume one ounce of water for every 10 lbs of
weight 1-2 hour prior to you begin exercising. Be sure to continue to have sips of water during and after to
replenish loss from perspiration.
3. Reading, texting or doing other distracting activities while you are on the treadmill or exercise bike causes
you to burn 15% less calories...instead try music to keep you focused during your routine.
4. Don't choose an exercise activity that you do not like. You are far less likely to do it on a consistently. This
might not seem like a big deal but skipping a routine that burns 300 calories missed six time in a month is a
total of 1800 less calories burned via exercising.
5. Never shun away from strength is a vital component to any well rounded program. Strength
training not only boost your metabolism but it also helps control the appetite. People who combine both
strength training with aerobics eat up to 517 less calories a day.
6. If you are measuring your calories burned to help monitor intake for weight loss, instead of relying on the
readouts on the machine calculation the better way to monitor your calories burned is with the heart rate
monitor or you can us the free Prevention Health Tracker

Let me hear how you are doing as you progress.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Whether you life has been one of sedentary living or a routine fitness program, walking is the one exercise you can tailor to meet your fitness goals. Adding handheld and/or ankle weights, moving at a fast or slow pace, going up hills and downhills makes walking by far the most accessible and diverse exercise there is.
By walking you activate the fine motor control muscles that are no used when you perform an exercise like running or jogging. Walking burs fat and helps increase the flow of oxygen.
To get the maximum health benefit from walking you should work your way up to walking three miles a day.
During the day when you need to flush out negativity, taking a stroll can do much to revitalize the spirit.
Walking also allows time for the mind to disconnect from busyness and switch to a state of calmness and reflection.
The only thing you need for walking are comfortable clothing, a good pair of walking shoes (you might invest in going to a shop where they can be properly fitted) and athletic socks and you are all set to start stepping.
Let me hear back from you as you walk your way to a healthier lifestyle and don't forget your pedometer to help you keep track of your progress. I can almost hear those reports, one mile, two miles, three miles four!!!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


What is a realistic fitness goal and how do you get there? What are you thoughts on those ads that boost that you can lose 5 pounds in five days? Let's take a look at what that really would take. To lose one pound it requires you to burn 3500 calories...that works out to about six hours of continuous exercise every day without eating anything at all. When you look at it that way, you really wonder what method are they using? I find it hard to believe it could be good for you. Since the whole purpose of a lifestyle change is to last for a lifetime...this doesn't appear to be the best choice.
So...where do you start...the first step is making the commitment to yourself that you are ready for a change. This can begin with something as simple as daily taking the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator or doing some simple easy exercises at work to help ease you into a routine to build on.
Keep it real.. excess weight or living a sedentary life did not happen overnight. When you have unrealistic expectations it leads making excuse like why keep doing it... it isn't working. This often give people what they feel justification to head back to the couch.
Once your exercise at work routine has been consistently you need to kick it up a notch and set aside time outside the office for exercise. Be serious about it...make it an appointment in your date planner. This appointment should be considered as important as any other work/business related appointment you make.
Keep a journal to log your daily goals and make entries each day on how you did. Don't beat up on yourself if you didn't hit the mark...the journal is something to help you keep track and see your strong points and weaker points (what you might need outside assistance with). Remember to eat frequent small balance meals and stay properly hydrated. Lastly, don't skimp on rest...the body needs rest to restore and when you are sleep deprived it affects many areas of your life.
If you feel you are not progressing as you would like to, consider consulting a professional trainer for some helpful tips. The main thing to remember is never give never quit and quitters never win.

My Pearls of Health
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It is always advised to check with your PCP before starting any new exercise routine...the information in this blog is for informational purpose only. If you experience any distress or pain stop and consult your PCP ASAP and if you are having difficulty breathing or chest pains call 911.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


There are several activities you can chose to build your cardiovascular system (walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, etc). You want to be able to sustain an elevated heart rate for at least twenty minutes.
In order to burn fat and build muscle you need to know your MAHR (Maximum Aerobic Heart Rate) and monitor it throughout your workout routine. If you increase the intensity of your workout routine, your muscles demand for energy will exceed the level of burning fat and switch to using carbohydrates. At this point you have exceeded your MAHR. Staying at a level at or about twenty beats below that number will help ensure you are not overtaxing your system. Becoming fit is not suppose to be painful or exhausting because this is one of the main reasons people quit.
Workouts done at the proper pace will burn fat and over time build your endurance level. This is best done at a methodical pace where you build up to and not push beyond the limits . In time not only will the fat burning efficiency improve but your body composition will change becoming leaner. are not in a race with your body as you work to become fit...the object is to find an activity you enjoy so your fitness program can last for your lifetime.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sustainability is key to a lifetime fitness program. Often when an individual embarks on the pathway to become "fit", they want instant results. It is important to keep it in mind that you want a program that you will be comfortable with and one that meets both your short term and long term goals.
A program that incorporates both cardio & strength training are the pillars of your success for weight loss, better health and longevity.
The best lifestyle changes are those that you do a change at a time so that they can last for your lifetime.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Whether you are about to embark on an exercise program after a period of inactivity or a seasoned exerciser there are three fitness levels that will help you get on track and stay on track.

The Adaptation Program
This would be a great entry point. The body needs time to "adapt" to movement. You will be working the lungs and heart making them both stronger. You will begin to use the body's stored fat for fuel (energy). You can realistically expect to burn around 1,000 calories per week from your exercise routine without doing too much too soon, which is often the stumbling block for beginners. To lose weight while involved with this program you will need to cut your caloric intake by about 300 calories per day in order to lose about 1lb of fat per week.

The Core Program
The core program will be one that will incorporate exercises that strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvic. This is the phase where you will add exercises that are aerobic. You can add short running events or a sport such as basketball, tennis, etc. With a well rounded core program you can expect to burn around 2,000 calories per week (this will vary-i.e. jogging burns twice as many calories as walking).

The Performance Program
This is the meat of the group...the program where you will be embarking on the program that fine tunes endurance and you will be looking at participation in such activities as competitive running, cycling, triathlons, etc.) These high intensity workouts promote the release of HGH which will aide in building muscle. Caution must be taken not to at any point push yourself to the limit of over training. Over training can lead to depression, decrease in memory, fatigue, muscle wasting and increasing the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. This can have a serious effect on your health. To avoid adverse effects be sure you are eating regular meals, have regular sleep patterns, cease to exercise if you are ill or injured for at least two weeks, have had at least two months of aerobic training before beginning the performance program and are not experiencing lingering or abnormal muscle soreness.

With the tools to develop the exercise fitness program fit 4u, the desire and the right attitude you will be able to attain the fitness goals you set for yourself that can last for your lifetime.

N.B. Always consult your primary care practitioner before beginning any new program. If you experience extreme and/or prolonged pain this is an indication of a problem and you should cease your program and seek professional advice before resuming.
The choice of examples of each program are for informational purpose only

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Are you like many people who at the beginning of the year resolve that you are going to get more set your goals...even some join a gym/fitness center...only to be three months into the year and realize you have somehow lost the drive needed to stay on track.

Generally one of the biggest errors is that the program was just too strenuous and we end up throwing in the towel. High intensity training programs are hard to do day after day and actually the body was not made to endure these sort of programs for a long period of time. Have you ever wondered why you seem to be exercising you butt off and you don't seem to be losing a pound...this is by far one of the biggest factors that discourages someone new to the exercise scene. Too much stimulation of the adrenal system through a high intensity program can work against you causing you to feel physically sick, become irritable and/or depressed. It can even increase your chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

Once you find a program that is fit specifically for you it will become easy to fit it into all the other aspects of your day to day life. Your exercise program should incorporate both aerobic as well as strength training to be most effective.

The first step before we get started is to determine your MAHR (Maxiumun Aerobic Heart Rate)...know this number will become a key in your weight loss and fitness efforts.

According to Fit Soul/Fit Body the following is the best way to determine this number

  1. Subtract your age from 180

  2. Subtract ten from that number if you are recovering from a major illness or injury of 1 year or more in duration

  3. If you are prone to flu/colds (every 2-3 weeks) or live a sedentary life subtract 5

  4. If you currently work out 2-4 days a week for at least 30 minutes this is your number

  5. If for the past year your work out 4 or more times a week for more than thirty minutes or you work out a total of at least five hours a week...add 5

  6. If you are 55 or older add five

Check back for the next blog to see how to use this number to come up with a fitness plan that will work 4u.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009


A life without hope is a set up for dis-orders and dis-eases. Millions of people are dealing with a health problem that can be linked directly to a broken spirit. " A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones" (Proverbs 17:22 AMP).
Problems ranging from chronic headaches, the inability to get a restful sleep, hypertension, lack of energy and much more can be a result of a "sad heart".
Our bodies are a wonderful machine, capable of healing itself but we have to fuel it with the proper things for it to operate optimally. It has been proven that laughter is one of the best medicines for the body. People who are constantly sad, who have no you and laughter in their lives are at about a 40% increased risk of developing a heart attack sometime in the lifetime.
Apply laughter to your life daily, using humor as the ignition to the waves of your brain. A visit to the greeting card section of any store, the funny section of the newspaper, a "field trip" to the bookstore or even as you are driving along catching glances of a bumper sticker or a billboard can all be your source for daily laughter. Whatever your source, just use the the tools of humor to induce laughter for your health, healing and general sense of well-being.
So the next time you feel sad, depressed, or hopeless...first say a prayer to your Creator, sit down with a book, (i.e. Laughter the Best Medicine II) and just laugh.
Contact me to share a few good lines.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


When the concept of the nutritional bar first surfaced it was really to help those who were involved in activities such as hiking, marathons and other physical activities. It was a convenient way to get quick energy and the high sugar/calorie content was not problematic because the activities of the consumer burned them off.
Somehow along the way the "diet" industry decided to jump into the equation and people began to believe it was the right way to replace a meal to lose weight. This has several disadvantages in itself because the general public lumped all bars together and there are some on the market that have lower nutritional value and should not be considered as a replacement for a meal.
If you find it necessary to replace a meal with a meal bar you want to look for several things. The better choice would be one that has all natural ingredients, high in fiber and protein content, low in saturated fats, sugars, and carbohydrate. Remeber, you are looking for a good nutritional supplement not a candy bar. If a bar has more than 200 calories you are not doing yourself any favor by replacing a meal with the bar. Often people say the bars sold as meal replacement are not filling so if you are eating a bar with higher calories and two hours later eating a meal because of would have been a lot better to have a lower calorie snack until you are able to eat a meal. The other thing to remember is that bars could never replace the nourishment our body gets from eating fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. is OK to have a bar every now and then but they should never be part of our everyday meal plan regime.
For some suggestions of a good easy mid-day snack send me your request.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


It use to be said that when a habit needed to be changed your should do it for yourself first...but sometimes when you can't do it for MUST do it for your children.
More and more research is finding that our children are getting diseases that were only thought of in older adults...type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, auto immune disease, etc. We have become a society of convenience and packaged/fast food eaters and our children are paying a high price for this. Children do not choose what they eat...parents provide it for them. What we are calling nutrition is often short of poison. Unless we as those who have been assigned as stewards over the lives of our children begin to set better example and lay a sound foundation for a healthier lifestyle...we will continue to see the alarming climb in numbers of sick & diseased children.
Let's face it, unhealthy adults raise unhealthy children who become unhealthy me..this seems like a cycle that can and must be broken.
Make a commitment to change...if not first for it for your children. Change does not have t be hard..if you approach it one change at a time...make it a habit and it can last for a lifetime.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Often when we experience weight gain we are quick to attribute it to “hormones” and actually we are not wrong…just the hormones we often think of…those produced by our thyroid gland are not the ones. The hormones leptin and ghrelin are the ones we should be thinking of. These two hormones help to control appetite, weight gain and weight loss.
What research has found is that lack of adequate sleep is responsible for the imbalance of these two hormones, which ultimately contribute to weight gain. Leptin is the hormone that signals to your brain to stop eating (appetite suppressant) while ghrelin sends the signal to continue eating (appetite stimulant). Individuals who are not getting an adequate amount of sleep have decreased levels of leptin and increased levels of ghrelin. This causes the individual to eat more during the day leading to weight gain.
So…if you are really looking for a great free weight loss aide…get your zzzzs.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Beauty…how does the dictionary define the word…“having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind. Looking at that definition it is clear…beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder…and that first eye should be your own.
How do you see yourself? Have you embraced your unique beauty? How you see yourself and perceive how others see you are directly related to how you feel about yourself. I have always said true beauty flows from within outward. When was the last time you just took a look in the mirror and said to yourself…”you are beautiful” to the reflection looking back to you?
The quantity of weight loss products online is enormous…it has to be one of the biggest money making industry’s going. Don’t get me wrong…there is a place for weight loss but often the reasoning behind why people are seeking to lose weight is all wrong. Most people are saying…”girl…look at how I look”…not look at how having these extra pounds are affecting my health. They are not saying…just think if began to exercise and loss twenty pounds it can help lower my blood pressure or if I modified how I eat, I can lower my cholesterol.
Fact…we need to learn how to love ourselves just as we are…we need to begin to feed those dark spaces of pain with some self love and affirmations…yes…I am beautiful just like I am…and because I love myself…I am going to live a healthier lifestyle. This can make a difference in that cycle of losing twenty pounds now only to gain fifty back later.
Food has to be what we use to nourish our bodies not our feelings. If you need to feed your feelings…while you are doing your grocery shopping pick up an inexpensive bunch of flowers for your table…now your basket contains something nourishing for not only the body but also to noursish the spirit.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Today...there is no trouble in finding the corner store that is packed with the cookies, the candy, the pop etc...but how many neighborhood stores are there that offer a healthy alternative for you and your family to eat? You might do better looking for a needle in a haystack.
Even in neighborhoods where you have weekly farmer's markets or co-ops people feel that healthier equals costlier so they opt for the $1 menu at the fast food establishments. Sadly, we can either pay now or pay later and the statistics are showing pay later is becoming earlier as the numbers are increasing in incidence of childhood hypertension and Type 2 diabetes...both which are totally preventable disease.
Processed People is a great documentary that addresses the need for change of what we eat in America.
What we eat has become a great never are really sure what is the "secret" ingredient. Have you look lately at some of the labels on foods. I is time for a change

Friday, June 12, 2009


If you are blessed to live long enough…and for some this event seems to sneak up on us far too early than desired…and female, more than likely you will experience difficulty with the regulation of your body temperature. Statistics say somewhere up to 85% of women face this condition which is most often due to the fluctuation of hormones as we age.

There are other condition which can be the catalyst to this problem (ie improper thyroid function, being overweight, stress, medication, pregnancy and some sleep disorders) but whatever the reason…it can become extremely problematic and add to ones inability to get a restful nights sleep. The key to finding a solution doesn’t have to be complex…one simple solution is to find sleepware that will wick away moisture from the body and aide in the evaporation process.

Cool-jams, offers a collection of sleepware for ladies that will do just that. Made from a micro-fiber yarn, cool-jams pushes moisture to the outside of the fabric, away from the skin, so your body never has that drentched feeling.
Cool-jams is a definite must for any lady that finds the need to change sleepware during the night and the fabric has a wonderful feel next to the skin.

There are also a variety of herbal supplements that aide in body temperature regulation and hormonal balance. I offer free consultations for anyone who request them.

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Friday, January 2, 2009


Change is what is needed to reach your goal
Harmony of mind, body and spirit
Align yourself with those who will give comfort and support
Nurture your inner self when it seems too hard
Gain all the knowledge for use as your tool
Every thing worth having is worth working for