Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joy...Where does yours come from

Since I have been advocating that people begin to live a healthier lifestyle...one thing that resonates in my head is how many people confuse joy and happiness. Even when you look up either word you will find the within the definition of one the other word. I could bet that if you took a poll and asked the question"What brings you Joy" you would get "if only I were taller", "if only I were thinner" or "when I find another job", "when I move away to ________"...so many ifs and whens to happiness.
I have come to realize that happiness and joy come from two different places. Happiness is dictated by ones circumstances but joy...that is totally from within you. There is no thing or person that can alter your joy.
Everyday you are blessed with claim it...I will have a joyful day. One of the quickest way to experience joy is to take the focus off you and place it on something/someone else. If you seek ways to be thankful and grateful for whatever the day brings...you will learn to appreciate the very small things. You hear the chirping of birds outside your window...don't be annoyed by the circumstance of being awaken earlier than you had planned...find joy in having the ability to hear them.
You may spend your life searching for things that brings happiness to your life but joy is something you can choose every day.
Wishing you a day of joy because you get no chance for a redo.

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