Tuesday, September 29, 2009


If you know me...you know I hate the word “diet” when it is used in reference to a weight loss strategy.
There are all sorts of “diets”...low sodium...low fat...low carbohydrate...high protein...high calories...so that is why I shun the word diet...when I think of the desire to weight loss...I prefer to see the process as weight management.
There are several things that work against reaching your goal and will sabotage your efforts...here are six to consider to see if this could be one of the factors that have you stuck.
Are you a calorie hoarder...do you find you skip meals in an effort to cut calories and have that one meal a day? I know several associates of mine that live by this practice...this only serves to be a catalyst to overeating and will slow the metabolism down. You do yourself much more justice if you spread out the total calories in the course of the entire day.
Are you a sporadic eater...if you are a nibbler you will need to be sure the choices you select are healthier choices and not high carbohydrate/high calorie ones. It is best to stick as much as possible to scheduled times to eat and snack. Try to keep a diary of when and what you eat to help you monitor your input.
Do you find yourself when the choice of food is a healthier choice acting like the sky is the limit on the amount you can eat. Things such as nuts, although a very nutritious choice, can be packed with calories. Calories matter even when the choice is healthy...so be mindful of the calories of everything...this includes beverages.
Starvation is not a solution f rapid weight loss...this leads to the lost of muscle which is your body's calorie burning furnace. This tactic will slow your metabolism long pass your period of starvation. It is always better to lose weight gradually...somewhat in the manner the extra pounds crept up on you:-)
Are your goals short term or have you reached the point where you have incorporated a weight management plan into your lifetime healthy lifestyle plan. Failing to plan long term often results in the yo-yo effect...lose ten pounds...gain fifteen pounds back. Eating healthier should be viewed as a never ending goal.
Don't be mislead by labeling statements, low fat, fat free, low sugar, sugar free, etc...none of those words have anything to do with the caloric intake...when it comes to weight management...calories count.
The focus of effective weight management has to be one where it is not a fad but a lifestyle that becomes a habit that can last for a lifetime.

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