Friday, September 30, 2016

Be Prepared...Move Before that Eleventh Hour

Now that the warmth of the summer and hopefully the busyness of life is winding would be a great time to think on something many of us take for granted until it strikes...being prepared for an emergency. If you have never faced a week or longer with no electricity or being cut off from communication due to a major snowstorm, you probably haven't given a lot of thought to how you would manage such a challenge. The key to weathering any storm of life is that age old motto "be prepared". Once a disaster strikes, it's often too late to do anything but hope and pray for the best.
The US Department of Homeland Security has some very helpful tools on their website on how to "Prepare My Family for a Disaster". There are some step by step guidelines to help walk you through the process. For those of you who are like me and likes to keep things simple, the Red Cross website has several assembled kits and supplies to assist you in putting together your emergency kit.
Your best defense is a well mapped out plan now and be sure to share this information with your other family members and loved one.