Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Are you like many people who at the beginning of the year resolve that you are going to get more set your goals...even some join a gym/fitness center...only to be three months into the year and realize you have somehow lost the drive needed to stay on track.

Generally one of the biggest errors is that the program was just too strenuous and we end up throwing in the towel. High intensity training programs are hard to do day after day and actually the body was not made to endure these sort of programs for a long period of time. Have you ever wondered why you seem to be exercising you butt off and you don't seem to be losing a pound...this is by far one of the biggest factors that discourages someone new to the exercise scene. Too much stimulation of the adrenal system through a high intensity program can work against you causing you to feel physically sick, become irritable and/or depressed. It can even increase your chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

Once you find a program that is fit specifically for you it will become easy to fit it into all the other aspects of your day to day life. Your exercise program should incorporate both aerobic as well as strength training to be most effective.

The first step before we get started is to determine your MAHR (Maxiumun Aerobic Heart Rate)...know this number will become a key in your weight loss and fitness efforts.

According to Fit Soul/Fit Body the following is the best way to determine this number

  1. Subtract your age from 180

  2. Subtract ten from that number if you are recovering from a major illness or injury of 1 year or more in duration

  3. If you are prone to flu/colds (every 2-3 weeks) or live a sedentary life subtract 5

  4. If you currently work out 2-4 days a week for at least 30 minutes this is your number

  5. If for the past year your work out 4 or more times a week for more than thirty minutes or you work out a total of at least five hours a week...add 5

  6. If you are 55 or older add five

Check back for the next blog to see how to use this number to come up with a fitness plan that will work 4u.

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