Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Looking Beyond The Fundraiser Products

Generally I am not one to be very outspoken against governmental intervention on issues but I am wondering where does regulation need to end and a new mindset for behavior change begin?  Seat belts and child appropriate restraints are required for travel in a passenger vehicle yet it requires constant primary law enforcement to impose. Should not one's safety and wellbeing be the result of people taking personal responsibility for the outcome of their behaviors?
Recently a news article stuck my interest regarding the banning of the old traditional bake sale, cookie dough/pizza and candy fundraising drives in schools. Yet here is another attempt to legislate the obvious, we are still fighting the obesity battle, which unchecked leads to chronic health problems.
Personally I believe this skirts around the real issue; are people willing to change their overall behaviors to achieve optimum health? The expectation should not be for legislation to fix a problem that is ultimately beyond their control. Yes there can be initiatives to promote healthier choices but a healthier lifestyle must be a priority for people to create for themselves.
 It appears to me that laws are counterintuitive to solving the problem. At some point, we need to come to the realization that change only comes when individuals become personally committed to making lifetime lifestyle behavior changes for themselves and those they have stewardship over.
Watch out Girl Scouts...your cookie sales campaign may be under scrutiny next.