Sunday, May 27, 2012

Heat danger: 500th child dies in a hot car

Not having been challenged with the task of being the busy mother/father of a small child it is hard for me to really relate to how someone could forget and leave their child in the car but I accept the fact that it can/does happen and believe that it is not that difficult to do under certain circumstances. So I, as I hope those who could not fathom this happening to them, will not sit in judgement but hopefully by calling the attention to this tragic event can give a few things that could help a busy parent avoid something like this happening to them as the temperatures begin to soar. Read about some simple techniques and devices that can help parents remember a child left accidentally in the car or visit the Sisters of Invention website to see how you can join in to be part of the solution.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Within days the local pools will officially open to signal the beginning of water activities begin. An important consideration should be given to recreational water illness and injury and what can be done to help ensure everyone's safety.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fatty Liver-Teens - ABC News

Fatty Liver-Teens - ABC News

The Incredible Egg

If  you are like me, on your  refrigerator door is where you put your eggs...not in the carton but in that built in rack or if yours is like my refrigerator there is only a bin so all my eggs are just placed in the bin . To my surprise from my participation in the Daily Challenge I got the 411 (sorry mom you were not right on this one) this is definitely not a safe place for eggs. So here are some safety tips on the incredible egg.
  • First you want to be sure to always check the expiration date on the side of the cartoon and intend on using all of the eggs by that date. 
  • If you buy eggs from a market where there may not be a date on them you can hold the egg up to a bright source of light and check for an air bubble at the round part of the egg. A smaller bubble indicates a fresher egg.
  •  If you have eggs that are questionable about being fresh enough to eat you can do the cold water test. The freshest egg will sink and remain flat, the older the egg the pointed end will begin to tilt upwards, if it float it is time to throw that one out. store your.eggs...they should be kept in your refrigerator in the original carton purchased in (helps protect them from absorbing odors of other foods in the refrigerator), rounded end up and on the bottom shelf toward the rear of the refrigerator. Eggs on the door are exposed to variations of temperature every time you open the refrigerator and this has an effect on the stability of their freshness.
To read more on egg safety visit Egg Storage Chart

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Childproof Your Windows

The air is warming and it is that time of year that we like to open up the window to let in some fresh air, hear the birds singing or just gaze out at nature's beauty, but this can also be a very dangerous time, a deadly time, if we fail to protect children and toddlers from falls from windows. It takes only a second for an inquisitive child to move a light piece of furniture and climb up on it to look out.  If the windows are not secured, not by screens since weight against a screen will not be a support barrier, the results can be tragic. Just today in the DMV area there was a toddler who feel from a second floor window. Praise God she was not seriously injured. Find out
How to Childproof Your Windows