Saturday, August 1, 2009


Whether you life has been one of sedentary living or a routine fitness program, walking is the one exercise you can tailor to meet your fitness goals. Adding handheld and/or ankle weights, moving at a fast or slow pace, going up hills and downhills makes walking by far the most accessible and diverse exercise there is.
By walking you activate the fine motor control muscles that are no used when you perform an exercise like running or jogging. Walking burs fat and helps increase the flow of oxygen.
To get the maximum health benefit from walking you should work your way up to walking three miles a day.
During the day when you need to flush out negativity, taking a stroll can do much to revitalize the spirit.
Walking also allows time for the mind to disconnect from busyness and switch to a state of calmness and reflection.
The only thing you need for walking are comfortable clothing, a good pair of walking shoes (you might invest in going to a shop where they can be properly fitted) and athletic socks and you are all set to start stepping.
Let me hear back from you as you walk your way to a healthier lifestyle and don't forget your pedometer to help you keep track of your progress. I can almost hear those reports, one mile, two miles, three miles four!!!

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