Sunday, August 9, 2009


If you want to begin your day on the right track...try to take time out to do some stretches. For those who have problems with their joints...this is the best way to loosen that stiffness that settles in overnight while you are sleeping. Stretching should be done before any helps prevent injuries by warming the tendons and muscles. Stretches when do routinely and properly (slow, gentle and with ease...never push yourself beyond the pain threshold) will help keep your joints flexible. Stretching may feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning but when you continue to do them routinely you will begin to feel more flexible and relaxed.

After you have done a stretching routine for about a week...let me hear from you.
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Meaghan said...

This is a wonderful post and I should def. start doing this myself!

Thank you for becoming a Spirit Jumper! I have added your blog and shop to our site with links back to you.

Thank you again!