Thursday, October 22, 2009


Over years the American culture has changed the way it views the body of a woman. Somehow our perception of what is beautiful has been distorted, showing preferences to “slim is in” (as seen splashed on the covers and down the catwalks), and women often view their own body image as flawed and/or imperfect. I know you've heard it...girl..I've got too much of this (pow pow) and not enough of that (hoot hoot).
I found one modality that hasn't adopted this view. In the ancient art of Belly Dance a woman is seen as beautiful no matter what her shape or size. Belly dancing is growing as not only as a fun way for women to come together and socialize but it is great fitness and a pathway to learn how to embrace and be comfortable with the body you live in. As you seek out harmony of your mind, body and spirit, through the belly, you can unleash the stress and tension of your everyday life.
The belly is considered the center of life, it is from there you draw in and push out your every breath. According to Sarasoh, author of “The Woman's Belly Book" ...the belly is “the source of your passion and creativity, your courage and confidence, your capacity to love fully. It's the starting point of your intuition, insight and sense of purpose”
As you shimming and shake those moves you can just feel that unique expression self and acceptance overcome you. The wonderful thing about belly dancing ,it can be done by anyone, of any size and any let that belly roll and set yourself free.