Sunday, September 20, 2009


Have you ever had a day when your feet felt like they were on fire and from there your whole day went downhill? I remember such a day like it was yesterday. I was on my way to Florida and there was a stop over in one of those airports that getting around involved walking a long country mile. I left home that day with a pair of 3 inch heels...outfit matching...I was doing the pretty thing. That was the trip I learned the difference between being practical and comfortable or being cute and in PAIN. Needless to say...somewhere before I boarded the plane on the second leg of my trip, those shoes found there way into a trash can and I was walking in my bare feet. We all know that when your feet hurt your whole body hurts.
The correct shoes should match the occasion...this includes exercise. You wouldn't wear a pair of hiking boots to run a marathon...nor would you consider a pair of running shoes if you were engaged in rock climbing.
If you are going to be running/jogging you want a shoe that has lots of cushion, traction and stability and is flexible and lightweight. When you will be mostly walking, you want a shoes that absorbs shocks and has a sole designed to support the natural walking movement. When playing tennis or another court sports, the shoe should be sturdy with a stable sole that supports the back and forth motion. Field sports such as golf, soccer, or football require a shoe with cleats or spikes for traction.
Proper fitting is also important in choosing a pair of shoes. It is best shoe shop later in the day to get a better fit. Be sure to wear athletic socks, similar to the ones you will be wearing for the activity. You want to have wiggle room of about ½ inch between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Your heel should not slip.
It is best when purchasing sport shoes you do so at a store that has trained salespersons to fit and assist.
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We want to be sure we keep happy feet.

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