Monday, August 3, 2009


The following are great tips as you continue with your exercise goals
1. Watch your form. Exercising using good form, even if this means you will need to slow down your pace, you
stand to burn 50 additional calories during your workout.
2. Exercising when you are not well hydrated will cause you to become fatigue faster, thus making it harder
to complete your session. It is recommended that you consume one ounce of water for every 10 lbs of
weight 1-2 hour prior to you begin exercising. Be sure to continue to have sips of water during and after to
replenish loss from perspiration.
3. Reading, texting or doing other distracting activities while you are on the treadmill or exercise bike causes
you to burn 15% less calories...instead try music to keep you focused during your routine.
4. Don't choose an exercise activity that you do not like. You are far less likely to do it on a consistently. This
might not seem like a big deal but skipping a routine that burns 300 calories missed six time in a month is a
total of 1800 less calories burned via exercising.
5. Never shun away from strength is a vital component to any well rounded program. Strength
training not only boost your metabolism but it also helps control the appetite. People who combine both
strength training with aerobics eat up to 517 less calories a day.
6. If you are measuring your calories burned to help monitor intake for weight loss, instead of relying on the
readouts on the machine calculation the better way to monitor your calories burned is with the heart rate
monitor or you can us the free Prevention Health Tracker

Let me hear how you are doing as you progress.

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