Friday, September 19, 2008


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils to heal and/or revitalize the mind, body and spirit. True essential oils are 100% all natural that have been distilled or cold-pressed from plants and flowers. The terminology aromatherapy originated in the 1930's from a French chemist, however the use of essential oils for their healing properties date back centuries ago used by the Chinese, Egyptian, Persian, Indian and Arabic cultures. There is reference to the use of oils dating back to Biblical times. Oils are used in rituals and ceremonies of certain cultures and religions even today.
Aromatherapy has been handed down through the ages and the western world is being reintroduced to the benefits of their use.
The use of oils can bring healing on three levels, the physical, mental, and the spiritual. Research has shown essential oils to be some of the strongest antimicrobial agents; ridding the body of toxins and fighting infection. They are known to be able to affect ones mood and have a calming effect for someone who has difficulty sleeping. Essential oils can be used to clean, replacing some of the harsh toxins we used in our homes today.
Essential oils must be respected for their potential harmful properties as well. Essential oils are very potent and it is recommended that they not be used directly on the skins unless they are identified as safe for undiluted topical use. The two oils that may be applied directly to the skin are lavender and tea tree. Essential oils should NEVER BE INGESTED (taken by mouth). Individuals with chronic illness (diabetes, stroke, hypertension, epilepsy, heart conditions, being treated for cancer, pregnant) seniors, and taking prescription medications should consult their PMD (primary care doctor) and/or pharmacist before beginning the use of aromatherapy. Oils should be diluted as recommended for their use. Always do a patch test on the skin to ensure there is no allergic reaction to the oil. Remember the flammable nature of oils and use cautiously near open flames.
The use of essential oils is not intended to cure disease or be a substitute for regular healthcare provided by a licensed Medical Doctor.
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Natural Wellness Therapy is a sound therapy program merging the science of music therapy with the benefits of meditation in a revolutionary new vibrational medicine technology that enables anyone to quickly and easily achieve levels of relaxation and deep meditation - without the years of practice that is normally required.The soothing symphony of vibrational sound therapy quickly and efficiently guides the brain wave patterns from relaxing alpha frequencies, to deeply meditative theta and delta states, within minutes.Natural Wellness Therapy utilizes simple, safe audio frequencies delivered through stereo headphones, which cause a synchronization effect between the left and right hemispheres of your brain. This effect, known as whole brain functioning, occurs naturally during the meditative state, and is associated with feelings of overall physical and mental wellness.
•Stress Relief
•Respiratory rate decrease
•Better sleep states
•Heart rate decreases
•Serotonin, which influences mood and behavior, production
•Lower levels of blood lactate which reduces anxiety attacks
•Decrease muscle tension and headaches
•Immune system enhanced
•Energy increases
•Memory improves
Daily our bodies and minds are subjected to stress. The inability to control or eliminate excessive stress is having an adverse effect on our health. More and more people are experiencing sleep disturbances and have minimal periods or restful relaxation. Natural Wellness Therapy’s vibrational sounds gently guide the brainwave patterns to levels of deep, restful relaxation. It does not use any subliminal messages and has no negative side effects. Email me for more info
Peace & blessings