Friday, June 12, 2009


If you are blessed to live long enough…and for some this event seems to sneak up on us far too early than desired…and female, more than likely you will experience difficulty with the regulation of your body temperature. Statistics say somewhere up to 85% of women face this condition which is most often due to the fluctuation of hormones as we age.

There are other condition which can be the catalyst to this problem (ie improper thyroid function, being overweight, stress, medication, pregnancy and some sleep disorders) but whatever the reason…it can become extremely problematic and add to ones inability to get a restful nights sleep. The key to finding a solution doesn’t have to be complex…one simple solution is to find sleepware that will wick away moisture from the body and aide in the evaporation process.

Cool-jams, offers a collection of sleepware for ladies that will do just that. Made from a micro-fiber yarn, cool-jams pushes moisture to the outside of the fabric, away from the skin, so your body never has that drentched feeling.
Cool-jams is a definite must for any lady that finds the need to change sleepware during the night and the fabric has a wonderful feel next to the skin.

There are also a variety of herbal supplements that aide in body temperature regulation and hormonal balance. I offer free consultations for anyone who request them.

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