Quality service at reasonable rates are what every family needs when they are faced with caregiving challenges. I respect that every case is unique so pricing for services are tailored to every clients needs and circumstances. During a 30 minute no cost consultation, the client’s specific needs are determined and pricing set. A service agreement will be signed prior to services commencing.  To schedule a 30 minute no obligation consult, email with the words 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION in the subject line or call (703) 618-3372.

Below are the services offered at this time. I am always happy to make a referral to other colleagues who can provide any service I am unable to offer.  

  • Assist clients prepare for (compose question list, needed medication refills list, blood pressure/blood sugar diary, etc.) and/or accompany clients to medical appointments
  • In-patient hospitalization or other medical facility visits
  • Assist clients attain a better understanding of their health conditions (research and print out information), self-management guidance for chronic medical conditions (hypertension, diabetes) or making change to living a healthier lifestyle (goal setting and accountability)
  • Help clients explore all options to enable them to make an informed medical decision regarding care/treatment 
  • Provide emotional support when difficult decisions are being considered (continued treatment, palliative care, hospice care, nursing facility placement, etc.) 
  • Assist family with discharge planning to help ensure for an optimum safe home environment and continuity of care following hospitalization 
  • Assist with medication management (weekly or bi-monthly pill box setup) and keeping medication list up to date
  • Weekly visits to clients without local family support. Provide communication to distant caregivers via weekly email report or a 30 minute phone call (appointment required for phone reporting) 
  • Assist family with planning and making arrangements for memorial service 
 Please note, I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose or make any medical decisions for clients. My role is to assist clients as they navigate the complex and often difficult healthcare system and give them an unbiased perspective.

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