Thursday, June 25, 2009


It use to be said that when a habit needed to be changed your should do it for yourself first...but sometimes when you can't do it for MUST do it for your children.
More and more research is finding that our children are getting diseases that were only thought of in older adults...type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, auto immune disease, etc. We have become a society of convenience and packaged/fast food eaters and our children are paying a high price for this. Children do not choose what they eat...parents provide it for them. What we are calling nutrition is often short of poison. Unless we as those who have been assigned as stewards over the lives of our children begin to set better example and lay a sound foundation for a healthier lifestyle...we will continue to see the alarming climb in numbers of sick & diseased children.
Let's face it, unhealthy adults raise unhealthy children who become unhealthy me..this seems like a cycle that can and must be broken.
Make a commitment to change...if not first for it for your children. Change does not have t be hard..if you approach it one change at a time...make it a habit and it can last for a lifetime.
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