Saturday, August 29, 2009


As a child it was easy and fun...the hula hoop. So have you wondered just where did the hula hoop start. You probably would not believe...the hula hoop was not the invention of the toy company Wham-O. They were the first successful manufacturer and trademarked the name. Years before Wham-O the Greeks had the right idea they used the hula hoop as a means of exercise. The hula hoop is now re-emerging back into popularity as a way to whirl off pounds and inches and tone the abs.
The new version of the hula hoop are weighted to increase the toning power and make it a bit easier to use for those of us it has been a few years since we've had the hoop around the waist.
From what I am told with the newer version you rock your hips from side to side or front to back. If my memory doesn't fail me...this is a little different from days of old...I remember the round and round circling motions.
It's wonderful that we can take a toy from back in the day and use it as a tool for our fitness goal. I wonder if it is like riding a know the old saying...once you have done it you never forget.
Let me hear if you get one and how it goes...I can't wait...just placed my order.

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