Saturday, August 29, 2009


As a child it was easy and fun...the hula hoop. So have you wondered just where did the hula hoop start. You probably would not believe...the hula hoop was not the invention of the toy company Wham-O. They were the first successful manufacturer and trademarked the name. Years before Wham-O the Greeks had the right idea they used the hula hoop as a means of exercise. The hula hoop is now re-emerging back into popularity as a way to whirl off pounds and inches and tone the abs.
The new version of the hula hoop are weighted to increase the toning power and make it a bit easier to use for those of us it has been a few years since we've had the hoop around the waist.
From what I am told with the newer version you rock your hips from side to side or front to back. If my memory doesn't fail me...this is a little different from days of old...I remember the round and round circling motions.
It's wonderful that we can take a toy from back in the day and use it as a tool for our fitness goal. I wonder if it is like riding a know the old saying...once you have done it you never forget.
Let me hear if you get one and how it goes...I can't wait...just placed my order.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


With having a few more weeks of the warm summer days I still look forward to enjoying a mouth watering tasting slice of watermelon. For awhile, I had been happy about those seedless ones that I find in the local supermarkets but I had the opportunity to get one straight from the patch of North Carolina and you talk about lip smacking good...I am still looking for a truck that says "from North Carolina".
Besides tasting good watermelon is good bone nutrient because it is rich in lycopene which is a carotenoid believed to play a part in halting bone loss as you age.
Watermelon also contains the amino acid arginine which is believe to also promote weight loss. One thing we know for sure...eating watermelon will help make you feel plenty full...just be sure you don't eat it too late in the evening so it doesn't interrupt your rest.
Let me know which is your favorite...seeded or seedless and if you have had one of those lip smacking good North Carolina watermelons...and no...I am not from North Caroline...I am a city girl...DC.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joy...Where does yours come from

Since I have been advocating that people begin to live a healthier thing that resonates in my head is how many people confuse joy and happiness. Even when you look up either word you will find the within the definition of one the other word. I could bet that if you took a poll and asked the question"What brings you Joy" you would get "if only I were taller", "if only I were thinner" or "when I find another job", "when I move away to ________" many ifs and whens to happiness.
I have come to realize that happiness and joy come from two different places. Happiness is dictated by ones circumstances but joy...that is totally from within you. There is no thing or person that can alter your joy.
Everyday you are blessed with claim it...I will have a joyful day. One of the quickest way to experience joy is to take the focus off you and place it on something/someone else. If you seek ways to be thankful and grateful for whatever the day will learn to appreciate the very small things. You hear the chirping of birds outside your window...don't be annoyed by the circumstance of being awaken earlier than you had planned...find joy in having the ability to hear them.
You may spend your life searching for things that brings happiness to your life but joy is something you can choose every day.
Wishing you a day of joy because you get no chance for a redo.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009


If you want to begin your day on the right track...try to take time out to do some stretches. For those who have problems with their joints...this is the best way to loosen that stiffness that settles in overnight while you are sleeping. Stretching should be done before any helps prevent injuries by warming the tendons and muscles. Stretches when do routinely and properly (slow, gentle and with ease...never push yourself beyond the pain threshold) will help keep your joints flexible. Stretching may feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning but when you continue to do them routinely you will begin to feel more flexible and relaxed.

After you have done a stretching routine for about a week...let me hear from you.
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Monday, August 3, 2009


The following are great tips as you continue with your exercise goals
1. Watch your form. Exercising using good form, even if this means you will need to slow down your pace, you
stand to burn 50 additional calories during your workout.
2. Exercising when you are not well hydrated will cause you to become fatigue faster, thus making it harder
to complete your session. It is recommended that you consume one ounce of water for every 10 lbs of
weight 1-2 hour prior to you begin exercising. Be sure to continue to have sips of water during and after to
replenish loss from perspiration.
3. Reading, texting or doing other distracting activities while you are on the treadmill or exercise bike causes
you to burn 15% less calories...instead try music to keep you focused during your routine.
4. Don't choose an exercise activity that you do not like. You are far less likely to do it on a consistently. This
might not seem like a big deal but skipping a routine that burns 300 calories missed six time in a month is a
total of 1800 less calories burned via exercising.
5. Never shun away from strength is a vital component to any well rounded program. Strength
training not only boost your metabolism but it also helps control the appetite. People who combine both
strength training with aerobics eat up to 517 less calories a day.
6. If you are measuring your calories burned to help monitor intake for weight loss, instead of relying on the
readouts on the machine calculation the better way to monitor your calories burned is with the heart rate
monitor or you can us the free Prevention Health Tracker

Let me hear how you are doing as you progress.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Whether you life has been one of sedentary living or a routine fitness program, walking is the one exercise you can tailor to meet your fitness goals. Adding handheld and/or ankle weights, moving at a fast or slow pace, going up hills and downhills makes walking by far the most accessible and diverse exercise there is.
By walking you activate the fine motor control muscles that are no used when you perform an exercise like running or jogging. Walking burs fat and helps increase the flow of oxygen.
To get the maximum health benefit from walking you should work your way up to walking three miles a day.
During the day when you need to flush out negativity, taking a stroll can do much to revitalize the spirit.
Walking also allows time for the mind to disconnect from busyness and switch to a state of calmness and reflection.
The only thing you need for walking are comfortable clothing, a good pair of walking shoes (you might invest in going to a shop where they can be properly fitted) and athletic socks and you are all set to start stepping.
Let me hear back from you as you walk your way to a healthier lifestyle and don't forget your pedometer to help you keep track of your progress. I can almost hear those reports, one mile, two miles, three miles four!!!

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Working 2gether 4 change 2 live a healthier lifestyle