Saturday, September 19, 2015

Throw Back Those Sheets

You throw back those covers, jump out the bed and go about your day...never. If your upbringing was anything similar to was almost a cardinal sin to leave the bedroom in the morning without making the bed. Making the bed was a ritual that signified neatness and discipline in my home. Now finally I have a legitimate argument against making the bed when I first get out...DUST MITES...yes           ...dust mites.
Dust mites are microscopic relatives of the spider that thrive on flakes of dead skin. Along with the dead skin we shed daily, our mattress with its warm and moist environment is a playground for them. Now unfortunately, no matter how clean the home is, dust mites cannot be totally eradicated. We can however take steps to reduce their numbers.Leaving the bed unmade, at least to allow the dampness to dry out is a big one.
Other helpful strategies:

  • Use a dehumidifier or air condition in bedroom..relative humidity below 50% is best
  • Use mattress and pillow encasements 
  • Use synthetic vs. feathered or wool covers
  • Use hot water to wash sheets and blankets weekly, once a month place pillows and non-washable in freezer overnight
  • If possible refrain from having wall to wall carpeting in the bedroom...if you do have carpeting always use a vacuum with HEPATITIS filter
  • Use damp clothes when dustingn
You can also make a mite repellent spray using essential oils . The scent of eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, rosemary and lemongrass are offensive to them. Mix a few drops of oil I. A spray bottle with distilled water and spray your sheets and pillows. Always air dry after spraying. If you can allow the natural rays of the sun to shine in that is also helpful.

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