Saturday, September 12, 2015

Beating the Sweet Addiction

I would be totally dishonest with you and myself if I ever said I plan to give up sweets. Like many of you, I love sweets. Sweets for me were a deeply ingrained habit. I remembered going down the hill of the apartment complex where I lived as a child to the big white truck full of all kinds of delightful treats (dots, candy necklace, squirrel nuts, etc.). I was raised in a home that a meal was not complete without dessert. Before I made the decision to make healthier choices, I was much happier in the morning to have a "slab" of cake as opposed to a veggie omelet or some other nutritious food. My change began when I decided to make sweets a once a week reward and substitute the craving with food that had substance and not just empty calories. Read more about beating sugar addition....

How I Beat My Sugar

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