Thursday, September 17, 2015


At some point in life all of us will experience some type of pain which for most is short lived and easily controlled. However, sadly there are a number of people who have what is known as chronic pain that impacts their life on a daily basis. Living with chronic pain can be life altering and debilitating, both physically and mentally. Chronic pain can take a grip of a person's world and instead of the individual being in control of it, pain becomes the center of their life and controls them.
Finding effective pain management is an art and unfortunate for most, they never stumble across the right practitioner or therapy that can work for them. We all know such people, they are our loved ones that we wonder how did their life end up the way it has. These are the once highly functioning successful people who get caught in the trap of addiction. Narcotics for them are the only solution for the management of their pain. At this point, most are unwilling to consider some of the successful alternative therapies.
September is Pain Awareness Month. I hope you will take some time and visit the American Chronic Pain Management's site to discover some very helpful information that can help guide you through the maze of effective pain management.

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