Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who Will You Answer To???

When you desire to make significant lifestyle changes in your life one of the first things to do is to set some short and long term goals. Your goals should always be realistic/attainable (for example it is not realistic to say you have a goal of losing 15 pounds in a week...that is in a healthy way). One of the problems with goals is that many people find it hard to stay on track consistently. A great way to avoid straying is to have an accountability partner. Some people hire Personal Trainers or a Life Coach to help keep them focused but you can also find an accountability partner at no monetary cost.
If you have a friend or networking associate that is goal minded and serious about personal growth, they would make a good choice to form an accountability partnership with.
The first thing to do is to set a time frame (3 months is a good starting point) for the partnership, which can be re-evaluated at the end of this time. Establish a schedule for connecting on a regular is good to meet at least once a week, where you do your check in of what happened during the last week and what your plans are for the following week. To help keep the partner connected, sometimes it helps for there to be an incentive for them (for example you have set a goal to exercise 3 times a can say that if you fail to stay on track during the week you will owe them a car wash or a gift certificate for a manicure). You will find this will keep them better connected and you more committed to your goals.
Having another person involved in your effort for change is crucial. It will make a big difference in not only your life but also in theirs. Now start setting some end of the year goals...don't wait until the New Year...find your accountability partner and just watch your results soar.
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Anonymous said...

Great idea!! Love it!!! I am a procrastinator so this would be idea for me! thanks!!