Thursday, August 26, 2010

Writing Your Way Through

It is a fact of life that at some point, all of us will face some sort of health challenge in our lives. Thankfully, for many, it will be short lived. For others, recovery can be a longer and difficult journey. Feelings of being lost and despair can creep in. A healthy way to deal to with those feelings is through journaling.

Scientific studies have found that journaling can help people to express emotions and by doing so they achieve physical as well as psychological benefits. Journaling prompts you to think about your feelings and help you better be able to cope with your illness. Some people find that writing helps them gain clarity of their thoughts and goals, allowing them to better communicate with others.

Journaling can be the start of self-discovery and for some spiritual development. Journaling is a safe way to express feelings of fear, anger and pain without lashing out directly at someone. It can be a much needed outlet until you reach a space where you feel comfortable confiding in others those very personal moments.

Journaling may feel a little strange at first, but just grab the journal (a great resource for a journal with scripture is DaySpring) pick up the pen and begin. If you want to keep your journal on your computer, there is an excellent website that allows you to set up a journal that you can also share with your friends and family if you

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