Monday, August 9, 2010


Nothing helps accentuates a classy outfit like a pair of heels...from the two inch to the stilettos, you can make one heck of a fashion statement. But with frequent wearing of high heels comes a potential health risk – joint degeneration and knee osteoarthritis. A recent study conducted by a Masters student of kinesiology has found that prolonged wearing of and/or walking in high heels can cause problems. In addition to the lower joints of the body, they found that wearing heels two inches or higher alters ones posture, changing your joints position which also puts a strain on the lower back.
It is too soon to say with certainty that women who wear heels on a regular basis will develop these problems, but it is something to consider, since it can put you at a higher risk, as a healthier lifestyle change, you curtail how frequently you wear them. Not that they will do much for your fashion statements but a pair of New Balance in your bag can be a good switch from time to time.
By all means if those shoes on your feet have your whole body in pain, (been there/done that...while on travel, I had connecting flights at an airport that seemed like it was ten miles to get to the gate, the pretty shoes on my feet made every step I took almost unbearable, finally something had to give, so my feet won...those shoes got tossed into the can in the airport)...get rid of them!!!!

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