Friday, August 6, 2010


As an advocate for "taking time out for me"...I think a salon manicure/pedicure is a much deserved pampering treatment we can give ourselves. Back in March, I posted a blog on the danger in salons from the chemical fumes, “Fumes That Harm” but recently there has been talk about another danger “the UV lights used to help dry and add that finishing touch to your treatment. This is one of those subjects that is relatively new but worth keeping up to date on as more studies are done over the next few years. It is suspected that frequent expose to the UV drying lights can over time lead to skin cancer. One recommendation is that if you choose to use the lights that you put sunscreen on your hands/feet before using the lights or the better choice of course would be to go back to air dry with the small fans. Whichever your choice, be sure to do one or the other. Read more “The Claim:Salons UV Nail Lights Can Cause Skin Cancer”

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