Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cannabis...An Added Punch to Breast Cancer Treatment

Worldwide research has been underway to help find new ways to detect, treat and prevent breast cancer. Studies have shown that lifestyle habits, the environment and genetics play a pivotal part in ones risk for breast cancer.
One promising area of study in the treatment of breast cancer is the combination of traditional therapies with the use of cannabis. A study performed in 2010 found that THC (one of the chemical compounds found in cannabis) reduced tumor growth in animals. Amazingly in the control group 41% had an 4 fold increase in tumors compared to the 0% tumors in the THC treated group.
Take time to read more about what research says about breast cancer and cannabis
If you do decide to incorporate cannabis use with your treatment, always discuss with your doctor your decision to supplement your therapy and seek out individuals knowledgeable in dosing and strain selection. 

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