Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wellness is Not An All or Nothing Journey

Striving for a healthier lifestyle can become unhealthy if it becomes an obsession. Instead of approaching the task with an open mind...for some it becomes an overwhelming drive to one's view of self perfection. It is important to remember that wellness is a lifetime journey and like any other trip we take detours and traffic jams can happen. Unlike a road trip which we can use a map or navigator to put us back on the right road, we often embark on the wellness journey without mapping out a reasonable and diverse course. For many it becomes all or nothing and we leave no room for a slip or fall.
Millennial's are putting a lot of pressure on themselves for being the leaders of  the new health craze (gluten free, all organic, juicing, vegan diets & exercise junkie) to meet their own expectations of self worth and what they feel others perceive about them. It is causing many to be emotionally stressed and often overwhelmed.
So you may ask...how does one strive to live a healthier lifestyle...for me it was taking baby steps as I focused on one area at a time. I worked on what I ate and what I drank first. I moved next to ways to removed stress from my life which in turn helped with getting more restful sleep since my mind slowed down and was not going 90mph. When I looked for ways to be more active, I choose activities which I enjoyed doing and just needed to commit to doing them on a frequent basis. To create a more environmentally friendly living space I looked for ways to eradicate caustic products in the home. By creating a step method for myself, I never feel overwhelmed. I also realized early in this game the road will be rough at times but it was OK to veer off course from time to time as long as I am willing to jump back on the course.
I'll share a good article which I see is a great template to start "9 Steps To Help Start a Lifelong Journey to Health and Wellness". However you decide to walk the path be sure to enjoy the ride.

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