Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oh My Aching Back

Some years ago I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis of the lumbar spine. To add injury in addition to how the aging process was changing things, I had a couple of injuries to compound the problem. When I was first diagnosed, the standard treatment was heat, rest and anti-inflammatory medications. As we became a world which thrived on instant gratification, some physicians, often under pressure from their patients, began prescribing narcotics for pain relief. This practice has lead to the rising number of people addicted to opiod pharmaceuticals. Time has proven that heat was about the only good 1st line treatment being offered many patients for back pain.
Without doubt, I can attest that relief from low back pain is challenging. One of the best things for lower back pain is to strengthen your core muscles. A good physical therapy program can guide you on the best exercises for core strengthening. Meditation, yoga,Thai chi, massage and acupuncture have proven to be great alternative modalities in achieving pain relief.
Take a little time and explore further "six overlooked remedies for lower back pain relief" and remember...though in the beginning it may be a challenge...for better back health...keep it moving.

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