Friday, February 24, 2017

Medical Technology Aide To Heart Health

For years I had noticed I had a fast heart rate. Because it presented no obvious problems, I just shrugged it off as just a normal thing for me. One day suddenly without warning, I experienced an event which sent me off to the emergency room. On that visit all that could be determined was my heart rate indeed was fast, my EKG was abnormal but did not pinpoint exactly any definitive pathology, blood test indicated I had not suffered a heart attack, stress test was normal, so I was released after 3 day observation. I was prescribed a medication that would help regulate my heart rate but me being me, declined taking because I just didn't believe you should take a medication without knowing what the underlying cause of the issue was.
Hidden malfunctions of the heart can be so obscure that even for the most skilled Cardiologist they can be difficult to detect. Thankfully, following a procedure to detect electrical malfunctions, my fast heart rate was corrected.
Computer technology is making great strides to assist physicians pinpoint those hard to figure out cases or problems that may go overlooked. Read more about IBM Watson imaging technology slated to help diagnose heart disease.
As we are about to close out Heart Awareness Month, take time to learn about the sign and symptoms of heart attack, listen to your body and work towards living a healthier lifestyle to prevent it.

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