Friday, August 15, 2014

Every Dollar Counts Even When It Comes to Healthcare Services

In an economy where every dollar counts, getting the most for your dollar should be a primary concern in every aspect of life. Many of us clip coupons or use an application for saving/comparing, browse through pages of Ebay or some other auction site, refer to Angie's List or do whatever possible to get the best price before we purchase a product or service. But when it comes to healthcare, many people just accept without question the cost they pay, either totally out of pocket or as a co-pay, for medical care or associated diagnostic testings. By not exercising the same diligence when it comes to healthcare cost, many are losing precious dollars by the thousands. According to CBS Detroit the price for a common knee procedure can range from $1,400 to $13,000, and the price for the price for treatment of a kidney stone can range from $2,000 to $14,000. Sometimes the just driving a few extra miles can mean big bucks saved.
There are several good online tools that enable you to compare healthcare cost and if you need assistance to help you navigate through some of the jargon, a healthcare advocate/navigator can assist with a variety of things. In addition to comparing, always thoroughly check your bills for accuracy.
One thing I would mention is that comparison should not take the place of using good judgment and taking into consideration the quality of service one receives. I would not advocate receiving care/treatment from someone who is not skilled or licensed to provide the service you are seeking nor someone who has a reputation of substandard practices. Do your homework and also compare providing providers.