Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have always been one to speak on balance when it comes to wellness. A person who is physically fit but has many things that are weighing heavy on their mind to the point of constant worry will find that if not managed properly will have a profound impact on their health.
Another area that many people don't often consider when they think of wellness is the area of spirituality (note...I said spirituality not religion). We all need to have something that helps keep us centered. For me one of the things that helps keep me centered is to strive everyday to have a positive impact on someone else life. This can be something as small as a friendly greeting to a stranger. Have you found that often people look at you strange when you step into an elevator and show a gesture of a friendly greeting? I find that when I take the focus off me and place it on others often when I have my own life challenges they seem a little easier to tackle.
Check out this article on how to achieve spiritual fitness. Make a firm commitment to yourself in this new year to work on achieving balance in mind/body and spirit.

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