Saturday, December 27, 2008


Have you, due to a physical ailement used one of these "I have a bad back" or "I have bad knees" so I just can't exercise...that is why I just can get the weight off me. Chair exercising is a way that anyone can get the exercise they need to burn off calories, strengthen their muscles and add tone and definition to their body. You might not believe it but chair exercising also has cardiovascular benefit.
The great thing about chair exercise is you don’t need special equipment to perform the exercises. As you become comfortable with your routine, you can add some light hand held weights, stretch bands or other portable small devices to add more resistance to your routine.
Before you start any new exercise program you want to consult your physician to be sure that your specific health condition do not require you to omit certain exercises for your safety. Now that you have the authorization to go let’s started.
You want to be sure you have a sturdy straight-back chair without arms on it and your favorite upbeat CD to get started. Begin by sitting facing forward with your feet on the floor and begin tapping your toes to the beat of the music. Once you have that marching movement going you want to begin to get your arms working, swinging them back and forth keeping in rhythm with your feet. You can do this for several minutes and then began to swing your arms up and down from side to side over your head, still keeping your feet moving to the beat of the music. You can raise your arms out to the sides and do circles first to the front and then to the back. After that move you might want to so some shoulder shrug rotations to loosen up any tightness in that area. Don’t forget to keep those feet moving, you can do toe taps as a switch from the marching movements. There are so many varieties of moves you can think of that before you know it 30 minutes have passed and you have had a decent workout.
If you want to follow a guided routine there are many different DVD’s on the market. One new one that I came across originated in California and was created by a professional dance/fitness expert named Jodi Stolove. Following an injury to her foot, she needed an alternate way to exercise. She came up with she her Chair Dancing DVD to not only continue her own program but to share it with others. Stolove’s routine includes jumping jacks, the cha-cha, the waltz and more.
There are many more, some include routines for chair yoga or even Thai chi. So the next time you think that you can’t get up to your feet…that’s OK…sit down take your seat and move your way to a healthier lifestyle.

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