Monday, November 5, 2018

A Much Needed Ally...Technology

Caregiving is often complicated by life responsibilities of caregiver or the distance between the caregiver and the individual in need of care. According to Senior Living, up to 15% of caregivers travel at least an hour or more to provide care for a family member. Such demands can impair communication and coordination between those tasked with ensuring the needs of the individual are being met.
Back in the day we all marveled  at the "Clapper". That smart device that when you clapped your hands the lights would come on...clap on...clap off. Today technology has advanced way beyond just being able to control a light bulb. From the GPS tracker to a completely Smart Home, there is no denying that technology can provide not only safety but even more, great peace of mind to the aging and their caregivers. The following are some of the technology recommended by AARP.

GPS Technology- for someone with impaired cognition this is an excellent device for a caregiver to use.  This device can always let the caregiver know the exact location of their loved one. Some devices can even send an alert via email or text if the individual goes outside of a preset geographical area.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) - most folks are familiar with a Medical Alert device. The individual can push a button to contact a central call center during an emergency. Today there are many different PERS available and the caregiver should explore which one will meet their loved ones individual need. To assist in your choice read the Buyers Guide choice of the 2018 Best Medical Alert Systems

Medication Reminder Systems - one of the biggest concerns caregivers can have is making sure their loved one takes their medication consistently and as prescribed. As people age the number of medications they take often increase making it difficult for some seniors to manage this task efficiently.  Again there are many different medication reminders to choose from. Senior Safety Reviews has chosen the Best Reminders for 2018.

Health Tracking Tools - keeping up with appointments and health records can be almost impossible without help. Online platforms such as Health Vault and Mayo Health Manager allows for a space to store and share vital information.

Wireless Home Monitoring (Smart Home) - for the distant caregiver this can be a dream come true. It allows the caregiver to have control over many functions and visualization of the home to help their loved one stay safe. Explore the various Smart Home Technology which will support independent living and greatly reduce the caregivers stress.

Technology seems to be ever growing and should be a welcomed ally of all caregivers.


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