Thursday, May 4, 2017

"Six in one hand...half dozen in the other" Sunscreen &Vitamin D

Just in time as we are about to venture out to take in the spring/summer rays...studies are indicating that our use of sunscreen is contributing to the high incidence of low Vitamin D levels. According to a May, 2017 article in the Daily"three-quarters of the US population are deficient in the 'sunshine vitamin' including 95 percent of African Americans".
This finding definitely necessitates the need for finding a way to continuing the use of sunscreen to protect your skin exposed to sunlight and to maintain healthy Vitamin D levels. The study suggest midday walk in the sun of 5-30 minutes without sunscreen twice weekly and eating foods rich in Vitamin D may help maintain normal Vitamin D levels. The exposure time is dependent on where you live geographically and the pigmentation of your skin. Lighter skin synthesizes more Vitamin D than a darker pigmented person.
It is best to discuss your Vitamin D level with your physician who can guide you on the best solution for you.

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