Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Art of Brewing a Delighful Cup

At one time it was only a chill or a cold that brought to mind having a cup of hot tea. After discovering the enhancing wellness benefits of teas (Yogi Cold Season and Divinititea Allergy Tonic to name two) I began experimenting with many different ones.
Perhaps you believe as I did that making a cup of tea involved just heating some water and pouring it over the leaves. I must confess before I got a hot water kettle, I heated water in the microwave. Yes, I did say the microwave. As I began reading up on the art of making a good cup of tea I found there are several factors involved in creating that perfect cup, with the water itself and the water temperature as key factors. Definitely heating the water in the microwave is a big DO NOT DO. Though loose leaf is preferred, quality tea can be found in loose and bagged teas.
Getting quality sleep at night has been a problem negatively impacting my health for many years. I have tried various different sleep aid teas, some working better than others to help me drift off into a sound sleep. I must say without a doubt,Vipova Tea has worked best me. If you have found one that achieves what you are looking for you may just want to stick with that one. Please, before you start comparing the cost of Vipova to other sleep aid teas, think of the evolution in the coffee industry.  If I remember correctly, a cup of specialty coffee at a popular coffee establishment can cost you $5.00 a cup (depending on your pallet's desire) and they are not lacking for customers.
If you have not already noticed, I have put a banner for Vipova on the site. I will say if you are looking for a good quality tea that has health benefits, it may be worth trying it. I have a cup every night and my sleep quality is 90% better prior to my drinking it. I think I have to live with that 10% deficit  which I attribute to aging. Some days I just can't get through the night without that bathroom pit stop :-).
You may also consider getting a good electric kettle so you get your water temperature as optimal as possible. After some research, trial and error, I have settled with the Cuisinart CPK-17 Perfect Temp. Of course a less expensive kettle can be found but the temperature settings, stainless steel design and the dripless pour spout are only a few attracting features it offers.
Both the teas and the kettle you choose should be considered as an investment to your commitment to better health...aren't you worth it. Hope to get some feedback on your Vipova or other tea experiences.
Until next time...happy brewing...NAMASTE.

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