Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Journey to Uncover the Myth About Hemp

The hemp plant has been known for centuries to be beneficial to one's health. Sadly many shy aware from it because it has gotten poor acceptance because it is often confused with another similar plant species, marijuana. Though hemp and marijuana are both from a cannabis plant, they are different in that hemp does not contain THC which causes the "high" that occurs with marijuana use. Hemp is rich in CBD which has many wellness properties. I would never make any claims of its' ability to cure any disease or totally eliminate chronic health conditions but I do believe it supports optimal health and well being. Raw hemp is known to assist with weight loss, energy levels, recovery from disease and injury, control of cholesterol, blood pressure, reduction in inflammation, improved circulation and control of blood glucose levels.
Hemp is an excellent food source rich in nutrients. I had noticed hemp seeds and hemp milk in aisle of the health food stores and had occasionally drank the milk.  Recently I began to think about the value of hemp leaves to make a tea when it was recommended to assist me with a problem I've had throughout my life...sleep disturbance. After some careful research because all hemp leaves are not the same (you want to get those that are 100% natural, no GMO nor the use of pesticides or fertilizers for growing) I placed my first order  not really knowing what to expect. I am happy to say I am getting much better quality of sleep and if I awake during the night I can take a sip or two of my tea and fall right back to sleep. The only drawback is the company I chose to purchase my hemp leaves, via Amazon, is located in Europe so it takes several weeks to arrive. Knowing this, I've gotten better at planning my ordering so I am never without them again. The company is also very good at communicating with their customers.
For those looking for an alternative approach to wellness without the intoxicating effects of THC, hemp may very be worth adding to your wellness plan. Remember to always purchase from a source that is 100% natural, with no GMO and that doesn't use pesticides or fertilizers. Failing to do so would only be detrimental to your health. As always, if you are being treated for any chronic medical condition you want to share your decision with your primary care provider and never discontinue any prescribed medication without their knowledge.
Hope to get some feedback on others experience. To your health!!!

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