Friday, August 30, 2013


When it comes to taking over the counter (OTC) medications it is always advisable to consult with you medical practitioner, especially if you are taking prescription medications. There can be harmful interactions that when taking more than one medication (this is true for prescription as well as OTC medications). Because OTC medications are not monitored when purchased, what can have an even more negative and possible harmful impact on your health is not knowing, or taking the time to know, the possible side effects of OTC. One common OTC pain reliever, Tylenol (aka acetaminophen), is one such medication. One company, Johnson & Johnson, is moving to help consumer's by changing the top's of Tylenol to warn consumers to ALWAYS READ THE LABEL before taking this OTC medication. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is a good OTC pain medication, however, it cannot be taken by everyone and definitely you need to take the time to know "Is it safe for me to take Tylenol"?
Always remember the pharmacist should be included in your team of health care providers. They are an excellent source of a wealth of information and can help you monitor all of you medication needs, both prescription and OTC. The next time you visit the pharmacy, try stepping over to that section labeled  "CONSULTATION" and begin building a relationship with the pharmacist that can be one of the most valuable relationships you may ever have.

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