Monday, September 10, 2012

More than just a problem of who will pay...but will you be able to be seen

First I want to say this is not about whether I am for or against health care reform, but for those who are curious, I believe everyone has a right to access care. Today, September 10th, I tried to make an appointment for a problem a family member was experiencing, though not an emergency, I felt it was something that warranted being attended to timely. This was not a new patient appointment but a follow-up to a problem that had occurred the previous year, so I am thinking I would be able to get an appointment within a couple weeks. When the young lady on the other end of the phone so calmly told me October 24th, I of course was dumbfounded. I politely said to her that my comment to follow had no reflection on her because I realized she was doing her job but it things like this that are one of the reasons that the emergency rooms around this country are full of non-emergencies. Why would anyone concerned about their health wait almost six weeks to be seen? Even, I, who is so much against folks using the emergency room as a source of primary care, would instead of waiting six weeks, go to my nearest emergency room. So I say, America, we have a real problem -There are just not enough doctors to go around for everyone to be seen. Health Care Bill: Will Newly Insured Be Able To Find Doctors? - ABC News
It has become increasingly important that we all being to take personal responsibility for our own health. The preventive health  model is a huge step towards doing so. We can no longer rely on waiting till something happens (such as a stroke) before we take action (monitoring our blood pressure, watching our calories, getting off our couches).
I don't claim to have the answers but one thing is for sure...we all need to begin to look around at what is coming and what some possible solutions could be (A PLAN) before it hits the fan. 

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ABPotter said...

A well thought out comment! as some I agree with you we need more people who are willing to become general practitioners and family practice doctors instead of specialists, because those are the doctors we need more of. Everyone deserves the right to good medical care because with out it no one can pursue, life, liberty, or happiness. It is amazing to me that so many other countries have figured this out before us.