Monday, October 18, 2010


This is not going to be the usual shout out about why you should leave, why the toxic relationship that you are in is no good for have heard it before and I couldn't tell you anything new even if I tried to. What I hope to share is a way to help you walk through it until you are ready to walk out.
I have come to realize, as I reflect back on my life as a person who has been a partner in emotionally abusive relationships, leaving is a process. There are many considerations that an individual must look at and decide for themselves what will be the best way for it to end for them. NO ONE CAN WALK THE PATH YOU WALK. Am I saying you should stay...HELL NO...especially if you have children that are part of the chaos...but the steps are yours. I will say right here if you or your children are in imminent danger, there are firearms in the home, you have reached the point of being homicidal or the abuse has resulted in you or your children suffering serious physical harm..I SAY RUN... NOT WALK...NOW and work through the process somewhere other than where you are..somewhere safe. (more)

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