Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prepare to stay safe

Always around this time of year, I am reminded of the terrible disaster of Hurricane Katrina and other natural events that we have no control over (floods, tornados, power outages, etc.). The one thing we all can do is to become aware of what disasters are likely to occur in the area we live and how to begin to prepare for them. There are several immediate things all people should do as they begin to put a plan into action. The first thing is to contact the American Red Cross or the Emergency Management Office and ask a few questions:
1. What sort of disaster could occur in your area
2. How will residents be warned in the event of an emergency
3. Inquire about the evacuation route in your community (many areas now have posted
4. Ask if there is special assistance available for the elderly or physically
challenged individuals
Because you might not necessarily be at home you also want to check about plans for your child/ren's school or place of day care and your place of employment.

Check back soon for a continuation of more helpful tips on staying safe.

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